Our Founder

My name is Jihan Kazerooni I am a Bahraini who is certified as a skincare Formulator.

My story started since I was a young child; I always had a deep passion for skincare products. As a child I always found myself formulating and experimenting in my very own kitchen, trying different ingredients to make natural masks, creams, conditioners, hair mask and deodorants. Trial and error have traditionally been my main method of finding Lily Demore’s secret formula for all my products. We have worked extremely hard, endless hours for year after year, to finally formulate a successful secret product that is of top-quality brand which gives superb results to our clients within a few days.

When I got married to my husband, Mr. Taher Al Nassar, who is originally from Kuwait, amazingly we both shared the same deep passion and interest in skincare products.

We were both buying High ends, brand-name skincare products and sharing our thoughts on these skincare products. Honestly, we could not find a single brand-name product that gave us fast and effective results, in some cases we got zero to none results.



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Together my husband and I, thought about turning our deep passion and love into starting our own company of skin care products, which will give our clients faster results, with high-quality products. With the support and encouragement of my husband, I stared my professional study in skin care formulations.

Now I have spent nearly over five years studying different courses professionally, focusing and getting many different degrees, mainly in Natural skincare. Many of the courses I studied were in England, upon my return from England, I started formulating my very own secret high-performance, organic, skin care, hair, and body products, which gave tremendous results to some of my clients, on a trial basis, and my product was a success, it gave them instant results, with my very high skincare quality products.


Now begins our beautiful journey, in establishing our own company Lily Demore, which will be a brand name in every household in the coming future, our brand will be top quality, a high brand that will give effective results.  As Lily Demore grows, my responsibility will be mainly focused on the production and formulation of new skincare products, whereas my Husband will take on the responsibility of administration and marketing, as that is his field of expertise. Lily Demore looks forward to growing strong together with our clients. Our business motto at Lily Demore is to produce high-quality products and not cheap quantity product.